Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens Greys Bundle – Cool or Warm Grey


These pens are great for brush calligraphy, hand lettering, colouring, drawing, bullet journaling and more. They feature both a flexible felt style brush tip for bold lettering and a felt style fine liner tip at the reverse end. The brush tip lets you achieve both thick and thin strokes and beautiful lettering. The fine liner tip can be used for borders, decorations and shadow lines on your calligraphy. Best used on smooth non-textured paper. The pens use waterbased ink and are odourless as well as completely blendable. The brush tip produces a much wider stroke than the smaller Fudenosuke pens, allowing you to produce larger calligraphy pieces such as hand lettered quotes for your wall. Easy to use and versatile, these pens are a favourite with many calligraphy artists.

The set options are as follows –

Warm Greys Set (4 pens) – Warm Grey 1 (N89), Warm Grey 2 (N79), Warm Grey 5 (N57) and Warm Grey 8 (N49).

Cool Greys Set (8 pens) – Cool Grey 1 (N95), Cool Grey 3 (N75), Cool Grey 5 (N65), Cool Grey 6 (N60), Cool Grey
7 (N55), Cool Grey 8 (N52), Cool Grey 10 (N45) and Cool Grey 12 (N35).

Full Set of all greys (13 pens) – all warm and cool greys as above and Lamp Black (N25).

Full Set of greys and black (14 pens) – full set of greys as above and Black (N15).



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