calligraphy worksheet, days of the week hangers, framed quote print, collection of hand knitted baskets

About Me

Hi! I’m Millie. I’m a calligraphy artist, knitter and general lover of making things. I’m based on the sunny South coast of the UK and have been running Hot Fresh Bright since 2016. Read on to find out a bit more about me and how my business came to be!

Hand lettering love

I love typography and in particular hand lettering. I played about with nibs and ink when I was young but didn’t discover brush pens until my twenties. I really love their expressive nature and the satisfying feeling from completing a perfectly lettered phrase. There is something about looking at a beautiful piece of calligraphy that is so mesmerising.

Three years ago I was asked to run a calligraphy workshop at a craft market, and discovered I really enjoyed teaching. Since then, I have held several beginners workshops, where I pass on my calligraphy skills to small groups. Since COVID-19, instead of face to face workshops, I have taken everything I would teach in my workshops and packed it up into a learn at home calligraphy set, containing several worksheets and brush pens.

Hot Fresh Bright creator - Millie

Close up view of rainbow hangers Monday to Friday

As well as writing quotes and sayings in calligraphy, I like applying my hand lettering to all sorts of items, both useful and decorative. I came up with the idea for my day of the week hangers when trying to get organised for the week ahead and prep my outfits. I couldn’t find the hangers I was looking for and so decided to make my own – Hot Fresh Bright was born! The name came about when I was trying to describe my work – bright colours and a fresh take.

Wedding Calligrapher

I’m also available for hire as your personal wedding calligrapher. I can work with you to develop exactly what you want for your big day, including invites, table numbers, place names and any other special touches you would like. You can find out more about my wedding calligraphy services here.

table name written in hand calligraphy